We are committed to building an intelligent operation platform for reusable transport packaging so that the supply chain can be safer, more environmentally-friendly and more efficient.

Reusable Transport Packaging

CIMC TransPack has more than 20 years' design and manufacturing capacity and professional experience in reusable transport packaging, and provides customized and reusable transport packaging design and leasing operation service for automobile, chemical engineering, new energy, modern agriculture and other industries.

In recent years, depending on the digital application and the Internet of Things, CIMC TransPack has built a "standardized" + "intelligent" + "Internet-based" intelligent operation platform with its focus on reusable transport packaging, which deeply integrates with intelligent manufacturing and modern logistics system to guarantee the safety of product supply chain and make the enterprise operation of customers more environmentally friendly and efficient.


Key Businesses

Leasing operation of reusable transport packaging: Relying on the network layout of CIMC and the construction of its own outlets, it provides leasing operation services integrating "asset management, transportation, receiving and dispatching, warehousing, sorting, maintenance and billing", and leasing and operation sharing services of reusable transport packaging for automobile, chemical engineering, new energy, modern agriculture and other industries.

R&D and manufacturing of reusable transport packaging: CIMC TransPack Technology Co., Ltd. enjoys several reusable transport packaging production bases in Tianjin, Dalian, Suzhou, Wuhu, and other cities, with an annual production capacity of nearly 10 million sets. Based on the advantages of CIMC equipment manufacturing, it provides professional reusable transport packaging design planning, sample testing, manufacturing, and big data analysis services for industry customers.

Comprehensive solution for transportation and packaging integration: Based on the customer's industry attributes and product characteristics, it matches the unitized, standardized/special reusable transport packaging, and provides a professional one-stop comprehensive solution for transportation and packaging integration covering the whole industry chain/the whole process.

Digital platform of reusable transport packaging: It will create a digital platform of reusable transport packaging, realize independent asset leasing and recycling of reusable transport packaging suitable for auto parts, chemicals, food, fresh food, bulk commodities, household appliances and other fields, and integrate IoT technology, mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies with packaging to realize unified management of containers and goods and help smart supply chain.

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