We are the only supplier in the world that can provide the whole series of container products with completely proprietary intellectual property rights.


The container industry is our business with the longest history and largest scale, and the business scope covers traditional container business, container + business and innovative business, among which traditional container business includes dry cargo container, refrigerated container and conventional special box, container + business includes modular building, integrated equipment and special incremental box, and innovative business includes cold chain, composite materials, floor and intelligent manufacturing. We boast dozens of manufacturing bases in all important ports of China Mainland. We are the only provider who can provide the whole series of container products and possess independent intellectual property rights all over the world. We engage in five large businesses of dry cargo container, reefer, special container, modular building and floor and sell products to the target markets like North America, Europe, and Asia,in which global main logistics system covers.

Since 1996, the sales volume of CIMC containers has always been keeping the leading position. CIMC became the first enterprise with sales volume breaking 2 million TEUs in the global container industry. As the industry leader, CIMC will devote to promoting container products to “safe, green, intellectual and environment-friendly” development and initiate industry upgrade with the excellent technology and continuous innovation.

Key Businesses

Dry Cargo Containers: In 1982, the first 20’ dry cargo container was launched in Shekou Shenzhen, and then its output ranked the first in the world in 1996. Since 2002, its market share has been stable at 50% or above. Currently, there are 11 production bases with an annual capacity of 2 million TEUs.

Reefers: In 1996, the plant is put into operation, and its output ranked first in the world since 2001. Since 2004, its market share has been stable at 55% and above. Currently, there are two production bases with an annual capacity of 90,000 reefers, showing strong competitiveness.

Special Containers: With the establishment of Nantong Special Containers and Xinhui Special Containers in 1997, CIMC started to produce folding cartons, which marked the scale production of special containers. Currently, there are four production bases producing over 50 kinds of special containers, and most of the products occupy the largest share in the global market.

Modular Building: Backed by 30 years of experience and technology accumulation in container manufacturing, CIMC incorporates the concepts of standardization and modularization into construction in a creative way and thus creates the revolutionary modular

Modular building: Relying on more than 30 years of container manufacturing experience and technical precipitation, CIMC successfully extended the concept of standardization to the construction field in 2004, which gave birth to a revolutionary architectural form - modular building, greatly shortening the construction period through factory prefabrication and carrying out ocean transportation by container liner ship; in addition, modular building can be recycled and save resources, thus creating incomparable value for traditional buildings.

Integrated equipment: Relying on more than 30 years of experience and technology precipitation in container manufacturing, CIMC successfully extended the concept of standardization to the fields of energy, environmental protection and medical care, and formed closer cooperation with the leading customers in the industry to give birth to the epoch-making product integrated equipment, which is characterized by mobility, short construction period, low cost and environmental protection. Currently, the energy integrated equipment business mainly focuses on four aspects: new energy substation equipment, power generation equipment, energy operation and maintenance equipment and new energy charging and replacing equipment. Environmental protection integrated equipment business mainly focuses on water treatment, fixed waste treatment equipment, etc. The container sector plans to enter six market segments, including domestic sewage treatment in villages and towns, riverway sewage interception treatment and decentralized water supply system.

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