News Release


CIMC Enric Wins the Bid for Gujing Group's Whiskey Project


Recently, CIMC Enric Holvrieka Asia Co., Ltd. (referred to as Enric Holvrieka), a subsidiary of CIMC Enric, has won the bid for the Distillerle de Whiskey Chinois Guqi of Anhui Gujing Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as Gujing Group), to provide a complete set of whiskey brewing, distillation equipment, and contracting services for the project.

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The latest energy saving and carbon reduction technologies in the industry will be utilized in the project to help the client achieve net zero emissions and carbon neutrality goals. It will also integrate cultural and tourism elements to create a new generation of whiskey distilleries. With its outstanding technical strength and rich project experience, CIMC Enric has become a strategic partner for leading domestic liquor companies in the whiskey industry, further solidifying its leading position in the international distillation equipment industry.

In this project, CIMC Enric will provide Gujing Group with a complete set of whiskey production equipment from raw materials to raw spirits, as well as contracting services including corresponding design, construction, manufacturing, commissioning and delivery. This project marks another collaboration in the domestic whiskey industry for CIMC Enric, following its partnership with Laizhou Distillery, a subsidiary of Bairun Shares. This strong alliance with leading domestic liquor companies will help CIMC Enric seize opportunities in the whiskey market and effectively activate the diverse alcoholic beverage market.

Currently, the leading companies in the Chinese whiskey market are all from overseas, and a dominant market structure has not yet been formed. This means that there is great potential for domestic companies to grow in the whiskey industry, and the future domestic whiskey market is full of opportunities and promising prospects. It is expected to lend fresh impetus to the continuous growth of CIMC Enric.

CIMC Enric inherits the brand and technological accumulation of Briggs and McMillan, two centuries-old British liquor equipment manufacturers. With a deep understanding of whiskey production processes and standards, CIMC Enric consistently adheres to high standards such as "smart factory" and "zero-carbon factory", assisting numerous renowned liquor brands in the industry achieve energy-saving, emission reduction and productivity improvement.